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We hope all is well. We wanted to thank you so much for creating an unbelievable performance and wedding for us on Sunday evening. The two of us could not have asked for a more perfect wedding. Simcha Leiner and the band exceeded our expectations and brought true Simcha to us, our family, and our guests.

Thank you for orchestrating all aspects of the wedding experience for us and providing us with the best night we could have ever imagined.

All the Best,
Michal & Meir Lightman 
December 26 2021
rockleigh country club 

Good morning Aaron, hope all is well! Just wanted to thank you so so much for such an amazing night!! Every aspect music wise was perfection and thank you so much for all the words before walking at the Chuppah. It was helpful to hear right before. Dancing was so fun and the intro was amazing!! It was really the best night. I really appreciated all the back and forth convos and hard work you put into it!! 


The reaction to the music last night is insane. 
Our orchestra, OHAD and choir were simply spectacular. 
Do people remember the music when they leave a wedding? I don’t know but this time they will remember it forever. 
Thank you for being such an important part of our family.
Shabbat Shalom

Mazal Tov!!
Staci & Nachum Segal
Brightstone hall

Hi! we just want to thank you so so much for making our wedding so amazing last night!! We both had the best time ever!
Everyone kept coming over to tell us how amazing the band and Ohad were!!
Thank you so much for all you did and for being such a big part of our Simcha!!
Maybe all our families continue to share in many future simchas together!

Have a great Shabbos 
Yonina and Eitan
Brightstone hall

Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for everything last night. You were amazing ,You are mamash a professional in every way and as I said even before the wedding…a true privilege and a pleasure to work with you
And everyone was raving about the band!!!! RAVING!

Annette & Rob Satran 
October 30 2022
Hyatt regency Greenwich CT.

Aaron –
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Though after last night, you may be thanking us.
You guys killed it. 
Ohad fed off the vibe and you guys killed it.
But I know first hand that it was not by chance. 
You prepared for weeks to make sure every note was perfect and that everything was in place and beautiful.
And you did not disappoint.
We are already looking forward to the next one !

With hakoras hatov,
Chani & Eric Stern
February 1 2022
Marina Del Rey

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