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Last night was amazing!!
The music was really outstanding and we really had the best night ever and so did everyone else!! Everyone was telling me like wow this band is amazing!!
Really a night to remember.
Thank you so much for everything!!

Talia & Marc Generowicz
December 29 2019
Rockleigh Country Club

Hi Aaron.
This is Batsheva Neuman. Please excuse this delayed message its BH been busy here. The music at the wedding last week was absolutely phenomenal. Beautifully done and leibidig. Loved every second. And your leadership and guidance to all of us was spot on and much appreciated. Accepting so many compliments on the music. Dont worry ive been telling everyone it was all you (and suffy lol) that made it all happen. Thank you thank you!!
Good shabbos!
Shmuely & Batsheva Neuman  11-27-19  Hilton Meadowlands

Dear Ahron,
now that we’ve had a few days to process. Wanted to give you some real thanks and feedback on the wedding!
First off. you did an incredible job.
Everyone who comes over to me to tell me about the wedding the first thing they say is- the music was incredible! So job well done 👍
It was really electric and had a great sound- and the variety of singers just added so much to the night.
All in all, ahron, you did a great job- the music sounded incredible and we danced the night away becuase of the energy and vibe from the band! you put in so much effort on every front, and gave us the time and attention throughout the entire engagement process- and for that were incredibly grateful.
And Yashakoach!
Looking forward to the next Simcha..:)
Suffy & Yaakov Rudman
November 27 2019, Hilton Meadowlands

Thank you for all that you did for me and my family this past Sunday at our wedding. You were simply great!! The band was outstanding and your music exceeded our expectations.
From the beginning you were a pleasure to deal with and you went on to help us and make a stressful day much more tolerable for us. Your kind and caring ways are much appreciated.
The truth is (as you know), that you were a little more expensive than the next guy but you were completely worth it. I can’t thank you enough for making our simcha a success.
As you know I have two more children behind this one and I am confident that we will be seeing a lot more of each other in the future.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart

Barry & Sharon Greenfield
November 24 2019
Old Westbury Hebrew cong


Want to thank you so much for everything.
It all went so well. You and your crew did a phenomenal job.
We will highly recommend you to others.
Thanks again !!

Sharona & Simi Thall
Old Westbury Hebrew cong

Thank you so much for making the magic last night. The music was super WOW and Phil and I were so thrilled to have you there orchestrating it all and making sure everything was perfect!! 26 years after our own wedding, you haven’t lost your touch. We speak the same “language”
and it was wow wow wow!!

Edie & Phil Friedman
August 15, 2019
Hilton Westchester

Dear Aaron
Words can not express our gratitude for everything you have done, not just with the music, but with all your assistance,and guidance on planning and executing a most beautiful event in our family’s life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

Debbie & Julio Berger
July 3 2019
the Legacy Castle

Good afternoon!
I just want to say thank you for everything! You did exactly what we wanted! Everyone said what a phenomenal band! The music was really pumping.
Thank you thank you thank you!

Shayna & Max Fonfeder
July 2, 2019
The Venetion-Garfield New Jersey

we LOVED the music!!!!!! Perfection beginning to end! Great song selections, arrangements, mandolin, Ohad, etc.
thank you!!!!
Got TONS of compliments.

Andre & Rivkie Reichmann
June 26 2019
Rockleigh Country Club

Dear Aaron,

I hope you are doing great. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you did for our wedding. To me, the music was the most important thing in terms of creating the mood of the simcha. The band played with such lively music all night, which kept the mood so lively and perfect. And the music down the aisle–each song, including the ones that were new to your band, like Satellite and Rainbow Connection–were played so beautifully and with such feeling on orchestra, and created such a beautiful mood for the chuppah. Thank you also for making the evening run so smoothly and on time, and in general for your enthusiasm, responsiveness, and professionalism. We had such a great time and really appreciate all you did to make our night so special!!!

We hope to see you soon and wishing you a great summer
Deni and Joe Helmreich

Hi Aaron

Wow!! You really outdid yourself. I’ve seen your orchestra perform many times, and I may be biased, but Naomi’s wedding was truly spectacular. From the cocktail hour, bedekken, chuppah and finally to the party—the music was executed professionally and sounded breathtaking!! Uri Davidi was amazing. His voice is truly beautiful and he kept the guests dancing. Your attention to detail and organizational skills are deeply appreciated. We were so happy and we look forward to the next simcha together!!
Beth and Gary Orbach
Naomi and Michael Bouaziz
June 23 2019
Pearl River Hilton

Aaron it was the most joyous celebration – ever one came out for Deni and Joe as I knew they would. The band really brought it and I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and attention.Stay slim and healthy and be in touch. All the very best to you and your family.

Mindy & Jonathan Kolatch
June 24, 2019
Surf club-New Rochelle

I just want to thank you for helping to make Atara and Ami’s wedding a huge success. The band, as they say, ‘rocked’ and feed from family and friends has been amazing. As one of our guests remarked, “Mordechai Shapiro delivered big time!”

Thank you again for making our simcha so special.

Leo & Nancy Klein
June 18 2019
Old Westbury Hebrew cong.

Thank you so much for making the night better than anything we could’ve ever dreamed of! The band was unbelievable and made the night that much more special! Thanks for treating us like part of the family! We love you!!!
Ami & Atara Atkin
June 18, 2019
Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation

Good Morning,

We just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing job last night. Your band was amazing and truly made the wedding! Your choice of Yitz Henkin was right on the mark. He has an incredible voice but also feels the music so deeply and conveys that to everyone else in the room. You were a pleasure to deal with and so professional. Thank you again and a big Mazel Tov to you on your upcoming wedding. You should continue to see lots of nachas from your family and all the families you touch daily with your music.

Thank you,
Jacqueline & David Borgen

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