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Our dear brother Aaron ,
Where do paul and I even begin …..
How do paul and I even thank someone for what he did for us …..
How do words convey the feelings in our heart…..

I will attempt to put some words in this email but they can truly never properly explain what affection , love , gratitude and emotion we are feeling.

Aaron , there are great moments in people’s lives , the day they get married being one of them. Regardless of what happens in the years of a marriage , when a person starts their life with their b’shert, everything is special, everything is memorable and everything is wonderful.
What you created and did Sunday night was way above that. It was a magical evening that is only found in fairy tales. It is the dream of a person who hopes to experience such joy and love just once in their lives. It’s when the שמים opens up and even the Angels are singing and enjoying the simcha.
It’s what Aaron teitlebaum did for us Sunday night in honor of our wonderful children , our Kallah and Chatan , our bianca and david!

There aren’t enough adjectives that can describe the beauty and holiness that filled the room. The chupah was undoubtedly the star of the evening and the praise that we hear over and over was that it was “the music was the most beautiful chupah they have ever been too.” It was a philharmonic production – on every Level. Yisroel’s genius and years of experience , and his incredible devotion and love for you allowed him to write and design the perfect music of a lifetime.
Our guests were just numb with anticipation as they saw bianca’s silhouette behind the screen seconds before we walked our Kallah down the aisle.
At that point , and all the build up , once the incredible and talented Ohad began singing his בואי כלה , people were crying tears of joy with the happiness they felt for us and for the exquisite beauty of the moment that they were experiencing. It was amazing and on a different level entirely . It’s something that cannot be planned , that simply happens if all the pieces are in place and if one works tirelessly to create that ambiance with the hope the magic will happen.

Aaron , our dear brother our hearts are just filled with so much Hakarat Hatov and so much love and gratitude for you.
From the speech you gave every band player at 2:45 pm that afternoon , to the very last moment of the wedding – you never stood on your laurels and wanted to personally make sure that every moment counts and that perfection was achieved.

Every guest in attendance from family to friends , to young cousins to grandchildren was rocking on the dance floor. The music never let up and crescendoed to something in the next hemisphere. To keep this up for over an hour straight and keep everyone dancing and not returning to their table was a huge effort and somehow miraculously accomplished.

You are the KING of music and your name is what people are all talking about. You personally built up your musical production company and should know that you are at the top of the game. You are now the gold standard that others need to emulate and strive for. You are now the band that everyone compares themselves too.

Never rest on your laurels ( it’s not your nature ) but always put into your work the love you showed us last night and be”h you will be rewarded 10 fold.

We wish you from the bottom of our hearts the love and joy we both have been privileged by the almighty to experience in our own personal lives and that it should
Continue with fulfillment for all you and Miram dream of for 120 years.

With deep love for you always ,
Esther & Dr. Paul Lerer 11-13-16 Hilton Westchester

Once again I would like to thank you for the beautiful job that you did,It truly enhanced our Simcha,Everyone was commenting and still are commenting how great the band was.
What you put together was spectacular. Thank you.
Meir & Ronie Jeger 09-18-16 Ateres Avrohom

Dear Aaron,
A good time was had by all last night. Thank you so much for arranging it.
Yaakov and Elisheva Potesky  09-13-16 Marina Del Rey

Shkoiach again. You made my simcha beautiful. M’umka D’Liba, i really appreciate it-i know you put a lot of extra work into last night
Yoav & Shari Taub  08-31-16 Marina del Rey

My Friend Aaron:

I address you this way because we truly consider you a good friend. Like a good friend you have since the moment we first talked, always guided me and gave me great advice.
As for last night. One word comes to mind, MAGICAL. Your talent and your hard work gave Aliza and Ari a truly memorable wedding. From the moment the guests entered the hotel to the moment the wedding ended, the music inspired, impressed but most of all set the tone for a great Simcha. Your advice about where to have the Cupah (which we are so happy we took, especially when the rain started to fall during the ceremony ) to the instruments to have and the vocalist that would satisfy what we were looking for was spot on. But you went further than just the music, Your advice as to Michael is something that I could never give you enough thanks for. We are so happy as to how he executed and once again could never have imagined such a great wedding without you
In closing I must thank you and commend you for the your moving words to Aliza as she prepared to walk down the Isle to become Mrs. Ari Margolin. I know you are very self effacing but let me assure you you are a true T’zadik. You optimize the mitzvot of Ben Adon l’Chvairo. You are sama’ach Chasan V.kallah to the highets degree. May Hashem continue to grant you the strength and stamina to continue in your work. To some people this is a job, to you, yes of course it is parnasa but you make sure that after each event everyone says, “we got very good value for or money and that Aaaron Teitelbaum is truly a special special man.
Thank you again,

Jonathan & Batya Kaye
8-21-16 Hilton Garden Inn-Staten Island

Hello Mr. Teitlebaum,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful beautiful job that you did at my wedding. It was beyond gorgeous. We keep hearing from the world how beautiful the wedding was, and all thanks to you. Yonatan and I have so much hakaras hatov for that. So thank you so much. (And especially for last minute changes which happened so smoothly)

Have a beautiful Shabbos.

Thank You again.

Sarah Friedland (Axel) 07-12-16 The Venetion-Garfield New Jersey

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for the most amazing job ever!!!!
The wedding was the best wedding ever!!!!! The music was so invigorating and had everyone dancing !!
Thank you !!!!!
Heshy & Michelle Muehlgay 06-29-16 Rye Town Hilton

Aaron —

We are writing to express our profound HaKoras HaTov for your efforts and your execution for our recent wedding. 

2  weddings in 6 months’ time,  both magnificent– yet so very different, with music so very splendid and so very unique on each occasion !!

היטבת חסדיך האחרון מן הראשון !! 

We’ve listened to the music again and again, the CD’s, the you tube clips. 

The Chuppah music is a transcendental listening experience, gorgeous and uplifting.

The orchestrations are so fresh and creative, and the singing–of Shloimie  Daskal and the choir —is truly beautiful.

The Shir L’osid Lavo--something you told us you’d never done before– is something very special.  Listening to it, you feel pure and holy, as though the Chosson walking down the aisle is like the Kohen Gadol. And with it comes Yisroel Lamm’s  imaginative scoring,  regal and  majestic,  horns and trumpets in bold major keys imparting a palpable sense of “Chosson Domeh L’Melech“. The interplay between Daskal and the choir is  stunning.

Likewise, the Ein Aroch for Mi Bon Siach,  the scoring and Daskal/choir singing of  Ilan Ilan and Im Eshkocheich are magical.

The post- chuppah medley of slow songs for Shloimie and the choir was spectacular. No wonder it’s a you tube hit. The musical arrangements, the singing of both Daskal and the Yeddim choir, the passion and expressiveness, the flawless playing of the orchestra as an ensemble, the changes in tempo at the end of the final Rachem.  Truly a work of musical excellence, lyrical beauty, and religious inspiration–Olam Hazeh and Olam HaBa coming together

Thank you again, Aaron, for being Aaron– for again working with us patiently to deliver such a custom and masterful product, for partnering with us to put together something that would allow us to realize our musical dreams, for providing yet another unique wedding experience that was so lofty and so meaningful, so widely acclaimed by all the attendees, an simcha which was felt by so many guests–in NY and in Florida– to be a distinct  and particularly memorable chuppah and wedding.

May HaShem give you the health and strength to be m’sameach many families in the years ahead, bringing them as much joy as you have brought us !

Dr.Michael & Liz Muschel 06-27 -16 Marina Del Rey

Dear Ohad,

We were truly blessed to have you and your band fly in from Israel to play at our daughter Emily’s wedding.  Your singing at the Chuppah followed by the first dance was the Best Ever!   People in Los Angels are speaking about your second set, how you played english tunes all in Hebrew.   Your Coldplay song in hebrew for the first dance was Amazing! Ohad, you made the whole crowd energetic and full of joy.  Todah! Aaron,  both Joe and Shaya were tremendous.   As you know Shaya and I spoke almost daily for months.  He is a true mensch a huge Ohad fan and a True friend.  Thank you Shaya for everything! Aaron,  thank you so much for making this happen,  thank you for all your time and understanding. May we share in only Smachot.
Thanks, Craig Levine 06-19-16 The Langham Huntington, Pasadena, Los Angeles, ccA


I just wanted to say thank you for everything on Sunday! The music was out of this world and all the details did not go unnoticed. From start to finish everything was perfect. Yisroel Lamm and Yumi Lowy were fantastic and the chupah was magical. Even the DJ had the perfect mix of music we were looking for. I’ve been getting so many complements from friends and family about it all the past few days. Thank you for making the wedding a day that we will never forget!

Best Regards,
Eric & liz Weiss 06-19-16 Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation

Hey Aaron,
Just wanted to thank you again for making everything so nice and Leibidic. Everyone’s been telling us how amazing the music was and we really appreciate everything that went into it!
Wishing you all the best,
Jordyn &  Dovi Orlofsky 04-03-16 Hilton Meadowlands

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for a really amazing wedding! We got so many great compliments on the music and everyone tells us that our chupah was one of the most beautiful  they’ve seen, and the dancing was so energetic! Thank you!
Yitzy & Tova Chamani 03-13-16 Addison park

Hi Aaron,
Just listened to Chupah as we just got CD’s from Lani. You did a magnificent job, anything that u do is always taken care of in a perfect manner. The band and Simcha were stupendous and for that i am always grateful. You are terrific!

Dr. Simon & Chani Lichtiger 12-20-15 Rockleigh Country Club

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