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Aaron, I just listened to the CD of the wedding and felt the need to tell you how amazing your orchestra was that night. Many people told me the hall was beautiful and the food was amazing. But the universal comment from every guest was – “The music was amazing” and “A great band makes the wedding and Aaron Teitelbaum made yours incredible”- you mastered the new material (harry potter, parks and recreation, through heavens eyes) as beautifully as the wedding classics.
You truly created a spectacular evening. Thank you so much.
Please use me as a reference for any future smachot.
All my best,
Robbie & Helene Rothenberg 12-29-11 Hilton Garden Inn

Dear Aaron Teitelbaum and the Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra,
We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your incredible service at the RCCS “Mirachles Thru Music” live auction drawing, where thousands of people watched and applauded the work that RCCS does throughout the year.
The band you provided to us was professional, and extremely entertaining. It was a true simcha to the hundreds of our patients who tuned in to listen. Along with the successful program that we had, the orchestra truly played a huge part in the success of the night.
May Hashem repay your kindness with health, happiness and success in all your endeavors.

With much appreciation,
Hershel Kohn
Founder/President. Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society 12-15-11

Dear Aaron,
I just wanted to thank you tremendously for the incredible music at mine and Dana’s (Strulowitz) wedding. It was all really unbelievable!
Yaakov & Dana Strulowitz 11-20-11 Chicago Hilton

Dear Aaron,
Where do I begin!!! Shloime daskal was amazing!! I wish he could hear the raves of everyone throughout the night. I can’t thank you enough for pushing us to hire the strings. The chupah sounded like a symphony! You are the best and I wish you all good things!
Be well,
Sue & David Strulowitz 11-20-11 Chicago Hilton

Dear Aaron,
Words cannot begin to express our gratitude for the incredible effort you expended toward making our simcha out-of-this-world. Though the wedding was already one week ago, we’re still getting e-mails and phone calls, telling us how amazing the orchestra was. In fact, many even told us it was the best they’ve ever heard. That shouldn’t be taken lightly considering many of our guests have careers in the music industry.

From the onset, through the culmination, you were with us on the phone and by e-mail at all hours of the day and night. You left no detail to chance and not only did you make it a point to accommodate our requests, you were never afraid to make great, personal recommendations based upon your extensive experience.

The Chuppah was absolutely incredible. You had Yisroel Lamm – perhaps the most well-known arranger in the Jewish Music world – arrange our chuppah. You brought in Baba, one of the best sound engineers and people were blown away. My singing guys told me it’s the best sound they’ve ever had at the Chuppah and that Baba, unbeknownst to me, spent time with each of them, adjusting their levels to make sure the mics were just right.

Yumi Lowy was out of this world. His sweet voice was perfect on the slow songs you had Yisroel specially arrange for us – and he brought tremendous energy to the simcha sets. In fact, his cover of Simcha L’artzecha has already picked up thousands of views. Not just the simcha music but the secular music as well – you brought in a great gutarist, Delchippo, who rocked out at the wedding. So much so that many of our guests, who are less observant, and more accustomed to such music, raved. They thought Hill was out of this world too. Sara and I can’t thank you enough for putting on the performance of a lifetime. I never thought at my own chuppah, I’d be so moved by the music, that I’d actually be distracted from focusing on that special time! We’re definitely an Aaron Teitelbaum family for life.
Thanks again
Sara & Shael Sokolowski 11-06-11 The Grove

Dear Aaron,
You helped make 5771 a very special year for us. I am still obsessively listening to the CD’s from Abby’s wedding whenever I am in the car. The simcha music was just amazing. More signifigant for me, I have yet to attend a chuppah that compares to how extraordinary Abby & Andrew’s was, thanks to the amazing music. Yumi’s voice is truly a gift, and it held up through all the hours of the wedding, still strong and clear to the very end. Yisroel’s arrangements of the choices made by the wedding party were just beautiful. ( And all this from the cynic who actually knows a bit about music.) We still hear our friends discussing “the most beautifuly chuppah we’ve ever attended”. Just heard it again at a sheva brachot last week! Your patience and control and direction of the wedding, and helping things run so flawlessly, was such a blessing. But when all is said and done, I think what I will remember most is that you are the model of Shammai’s directive regarding sever panim yafot. At all times you were calm, smiling, reassuring, and an absolute pleasure. And therefore you kept us calm, smiling, reassured and able to relish and enjoy our simcha. So, it is with absolute sincerity that I wish for you and your family a Shana Tova. May our families’ prayers be received and responded to, and may we be blessed with health, peace and happiness. Please extend wishes for a Shana Tova u’metukah to Yisroel on our behalf. Can’t wait to make another wedding for all kinds of reasons, including looking forward to working with you again. Please stay in touch, And certainly let us know if you ever want us to speak to anyone as a reference.
Kol Tov,
Karen & Glen Schoenfeld 5-30-11 Marina Del Rey

Dear Aaron,
As we begin the new year and reflect on all our blessings, we just wanted to take this opportunity to say how blessed we felt to be able to work with you and your fantastic singers, musicians, and orchestra for our children’s wedding this past June. Your professionalism, expertise, and talent were “above and beyond”, and we are so very grateful for all the heartfelt dedication and permanent musical memories you have created for us. We actually listen to your CD daily and are so appreciative to relive that magical moment in our lives. Your ears should be ringing with all the rave reviews you have been receiving from your newly formed worldwide fan club here in Montreal, New York, and Israel as well!
May you continue to bring simcha, perfection, and inspiration to all who are lucky enough to be in your musical midst in good health always ! Wishing you a year filled with only melodies of bracha, hazlacha, good health, happiness, nachas and all you wish for to be realized this year and always! Shana Tova!
Warmest regards always,
Renee and Marty Lieberman, Montreal, Canada 6-30-11 Rye Town Hilton

Hi Aaron,
First of All I didn’t get a chance to tell you what an amazing time we had at the bar mitzvah! Everyone was saying the music was incredible! We really enjoyed working with you, and look forward to working together on other future simchos.
Have a gut gebentched yur to you and your whole family
Leah & David Brecher 9-18-11 House-Lawrence

The sheva brachot are over, and things are getting back to normal. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful job that you did. You made our simcha something very special. You treated us as if it were your own simcha. Your attention to the details was great and we were able to relax because you made sure that everything ran so smoothly. And the bracha that you gave to Ayelet before she walked to the chuppah was, I don’t even know what to say.
And now on to the music. It was spectacular. Leibeidek, alive, you truly enhanced our simcha. I’m looking forward to making another simcah with you soon!!
Thanks for everything
Only Simchas
Mandy & Rubin Brecher 8-14-11 Hilton Garden Inn, Staten Island, NY

Hi Aaron,
I wanted to thank you soo much for an amazing job, I am receiving numerous calls telling me what a beautiful simcha we had and what a phenomenal band you were. Your professionalism, your extra help, your personal touches, your bracha to Chaim before we went to the Chupah were very meaningful, we were really touched. We will highly recommend you, and may we be zocheh to spend many more simchas together in the future.
Thank you,
Elaine and Dudie Frankel 8-14-11 Hilton Garden Inn, Staten Island, NY

Dear Aaron,
There are no words to thank you for the talent and hard work. Both you and Yisroel Lamm took my ideas and perfected and enhanced them. A dream come true! We wish you and your business continued success. May Hash-m give your families as much beauty and nachas as you give to others.
With Fondness,
Shira & Leslie Westreich Rye Town Hilton 06-30-11

Dear Aaron,
Thanks so much to you and your team for your help with the Seidenberg/Peyser “flash mob.” It was a wonderful success and the transition into dancing after was perfect! It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I hope to do so again.
Sara Elisa Miller
Event Choreography & Dance Instructions Waldorf Astoria 06-26-11

Dear Aaron,
We just ended our week of Sheva Brachot. And like most Sheva Brachot weeks, we got so many compliments on our wedding B’H. However, each time we got a compliment on how beautiful the wedding was, it was usually followed by “The music was UNBELIEVABLE!!” Aaron, we came to you, as opposed to others, for a reason. You told us that the music will make or break the wedding; and that’s exactly what happened. You made our wedding into the beautiful wedding everyone keeps telling us about. You payed close attention to the little details that make the big differences; the little details that no one else pays attention to. You being there at the wedding and making sure everything was perfect was the biggest sigh of relief for us. You did exactly what we asked you to do, and you did exactly what you said you would, even better. You definitely went above and beyond the call of duty. You were so easy to communicate with. Every time we had a question to ask you, we know we could call you till 1:00 AM. It was extremely nice of you and to sit with us for 3 hours, a week before the wedding, to go over each song in detail that was going to be played.The chupah was B’H one of the most beautiful chupahs. Your guys played the songs so beautifully; it enhanced the kedusha of chupah tremendously.The first dance was unbelievably leibedig. Yumi and your band got everyone so into it.The second dance in Sefardi was absolutely amazing. It was better than we could’ve ever imagined. Yaakov Kashi knew exactly how to sing with your guys, and your guys knew exactly how to play the songs. Yumi’s Lag Ba’omer set was just unbelievable.Aaron, we really couldn’t thank you enough, we have a tremendous amount of hakarat hatov to you and your guys. The words on this letter don’t even do you the bit of justice you deserve. Thanks again for sending us the CD’s so quickly, we just can’t stop listening to them. We hope to Beezrat Hashem to share in our simchas with you in the near future.
Thank You, Yakov & Devorah Akavahn, 07-10-11 Marina Del Rey

Dear Aaron,
Thank you so much the music was of the chart!! You where a help you bore with us. Through difficult times you prevailed, the music was just incredible incredible incredible. It made the chuppah ! It made the wedding. Thank you for working so closely with us, thank you for being such a friend !! Thank you for making the simcha for what it was, I just wanted to reach out to tell you tht we appreciate you & you are not forgotten as a friend!!
Leslie & Shira Westreich Rye Town Hilton 6-30-11

Dear Aaron,
The music was just stupendous!!! it was hearing the philharmonic orchestra performing !!! kudos to you , you did a great job. the acoustic during the chupah was terrific
Thanks again
Elisabeth & Jack Seidenberg 6-26-11 Waldorf Astoria

Thank you Aaron, what a performance on your part, the music and band really stepped it up this past sunday,
Thank you again for everything.
David & Alexandra Seidenberg 6-26-11 Waldorf Astoria

Hi Aaron,
I just wanted to thank you and the band for doing an incredible job Sunday night. You did an amazing job, which really enhanced our simcha. Every aspect was exactly as we expected just better. Thank you again and I hope we share in many more simchas together.
Mordy & Jamie Fenster 6-19-11 Doubletree Hotel-Tarrytown, NY

Hi. Just wanted to thank you for the incredible job you did for Andrew and Abby’s wedding. The band, music selection and sound were incredible. Even though this was our third wedding with you, you outdid yourself and we really appreciate it. Everyone keeps coming over to me and can’t stop talking about how fantastic the music was. You just keep on getting better and I didn’t think that was possible after Erica’s wedding. I expect you’ll get many referrals and if you ever want me to speak to anyone and sing your praises let me know.
Thanks again,
Dr.Howard & Dr. Helen Zimmerman 5-30-11 Marina del Rey

Hey Joe,
Thanks so much again for everything. You guys were awesome and really made the dancing amazing. You gave your all on the drums and it was rocking!! Shloime daskal was amazing as usual.
Eytan & Ally Mishkoff 5-29-11 Sheraton Meadowlands

Dear Joe,
Michael and I Just wanted to truly thank u for all your hard work! The wedding was amazing and it had so much to do with the band 🙂
Thanks again!
Jeanne and Michael Zaghee 5-23-11 Sharei Zion

Dear Aaron,
It is close to shabbos and I wanted to call, but will now leave that to next week. I just wanted to thank you once again for a magnificent production you organised for Emmanuel and Daniella’s wedding. You listened to all our concerns and made sure that we were exceptionally happy customers.Every element was perfect and I regret that the evening slipped by so fast, So many people have asked me about the first song at the chupah. …… That’s our secret.
Warmest regards and good shabbos.
Danny and Sylvie Tannen 5-2-11 Rockleigh Country Club

Hi Aaron,
How are you? Now that Sheva brochos is over and I have time to relax I am writing to tell you what a wonderful job you and Yisroel did at my wedding. The music exceeded my expectations and the fusion of avraham Fried with the Israeli duet was fantastic. Many people have commented to me that they really enjoyed the music and had a great time. Please pass on my thanks to Avremel and to the Israeli duet.
Best regards,
Emmanuel & Daniella Tannen 5-2-11 Rockleigh Country Club

Dear Aaron,
Thank you so much for being so “instrumental” in helping to make this wedding so special for our children Michal and Donny. Your choice of music, musicians and instruments” in concert” with your professional leadership created the perfect atmosphere for a very dignified chuppa and for dancing. While this was our Mezinka we hope to call on you in the future for other family simchas as your contribution to these events is invaluable.
Have a chag Kasher V’sameach
Frimmit and Moshe Forman 04-13-11 Grand Hyatt Hotel

Dear Aaron,
We can’t stop listening to the CD – it sounds amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work. We are extremely excited to refer you to anyone we know getting married. Chag Kosher V’sameach,
Carrie and Dani Eckstein 04-03-11 Beth Tfiloh-Baltimore

Dear Joe,
We just wanted to say Thank You and Yasher Koach once again for orchestrating a magnificent simcha for us. Your calm approach, sound advice, selection of great band members and musical suggestions were so appreciated. Above all, the recommendation of Shloime Kaufman as the lead singer made the simcha as magnificent and unique as it was. We feel confident that Shloime, you, and the Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra will get a great deal of new business as an outcome of our wedding.
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for everything! You made us extremely happy!
Chag Sameach
Paula and Ira Spodek
Yaffi and Matan Wexler 04-03-11 Sands

There was something I forgot to mention to u that as I was recalling all the wonderful parts of the simcha I remembered. You were so right and knew exactly what would happen re the bedekin. When we left the chosons tisch the energy level was high. Everyone was in to it. And they were able to keep that level through out the long walk to the bedekin room. I was getting concerned bec I didn’t know how long they can the intensity up. It took a while and ur just dancing and repeating the same verse of a song. When we entered the room and the a larger or diff band kicked it it blew the roof off. It was like we hit a wall of sound. The room exploded. I couldn’t stay on the ground. My girls told me they were waiting a while so the build up and anticipation only led to a greater level of excitement. It was like we were at a sporting event where the course of the game drives the crowd crazy. It was so great. Thanks. You were right on the money with that one. And great planning to keep a few instrument for the march and a big sound fot the bedekin.

So many people commented how beautiful the music at the chuppah was. And how it seemed so much time was spent in selecting and arranging the music. Even a non jewish person said the same. In addition the choice of the music was so diff that people were genuinely interested in hearing what was being played. Plus the orchestra was so outstanding and filled in the song so beautifully. Please share this with yisroel bec we want to thank him for the arrangement. Truly outstanding.

Hope to see you at another simcha soon.
Nachi Lipschitz 4-3-11 Grand Hyatt Hotel NYC

I just wanted to thank you for everything. You are amazing at what you do. You really enhanced our Simcha. Thank you so much. Stay well. hopefully we will see you soon.
Susan Lipschitz 4-3-11 Grand Hyatt Hotel NYC
Dear Aaron,
Your smile and warmth can light up a room, and your sincerity and your desire to help make everything perfect is evident to all. You guys were fantastic and an absolute pleasure to work with. You all exceeded our highest expectations and made the evening one we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you to you and the entire band for coming down to Baltimore and for making this night such a cherished memory for the Kraft and Eckstein families. We can’t wait to listen to the CD and appreciate the warmth of the music and the quality of the artistry that you guys add to every occasion. You are great and as Yummie sang in the last song we pray that “Some day we will all be together in Yerushalayim”
Thanks for your professionalism and friendship,
Beryl and Doreen Eckstein 03-27-11 Beth tfilah-Baltimore

Words can never express my hakarat hatov for everything that you did to make our simcha what it was. Yes, the music was beautiful, Daskall was great. But you really went above and beyond your call of duty. Everything ran smoothly because of you. The care and sensitivity that you show towards everyone is unbelievable. You always know the right thing to say (even if it makes the mother of the chosson cry) and you always get the job done. I will never forget the way you spoke to Steven before he walked down to his chuppah and I only pray that Hakadosh Baruch Hu continues to give you the koach and showers you and your family with lots of bracha, hatzlacha, and nachas.
All our thanks,
Ricki and Joey 3-6-11 Rye Town Hilton
Dear Aaron,
Once again you outdid yourself. The music was awesome, and Yisroel Lamm & the crew outdid themselves!!!! Thank you for being a good friend and coming through as usual. Thanks for always being there for me, you’re a true friend.
Jona S. Rechnitz 2-7-11 23 Wall Street

Hi Aaron,
I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic performance by your musicians last Sunday at the wedding. You went beyond the call of duty in ensuring that all the songs the Chosson and kallah requested were played and the audio recording you provided is a treasure. The meeting between my son-in-law and Yisroel Lamn before the wedding was key for us in making the Chupah so special.
You helped give us memories that will last a lifetime.
I look forward to IY”H working with you in the future.
Best Regards,
Cindy and Fred Schulman 1-31-11 Marina del Rey

Just wanted to thank you for the wedding, It was truly amazing Everyone is still talking about how unbelievable the music was, We really appreciate it, I can’t wait till I get the cd and can listen over and over!!!
Thanks so much!!
Marc & Cheryl Zeffren 1-23-11 Marina del Rey

Dear Aaron – Everything was just great. Shloime Daskal was amazing as was the entire band. We cannot thank you and all of the parties involved for the help and input throughout the process.
Kol Tuv,
Esther Weinstein 1-9-11 Hilton Garden Inn-Staten Island
You and your guys did a great job at our simcha Sunday night at crest hollow!
Thanks for everything
Bob Margulies Crest Hollow Country Club 1-09-11

I am sorry that I did not write to you sooner. I am just coming up for air – as we went from the wedding into the shabbos. Thank you for a most beautiful wedding – from the chupah warm serenity and hisohrerus that everyone felt – to the musically laybedik fun yet appropriate dancing sets.. As you saw, everyone was besimcha – they were dancing…
Yehi ratzon you should be able to continue to mesamayach for many years.
This was an extraordinary production!
Thank you for working with us to achieve this.
Debbie & Phillip Benedict 01-6-11 Rye Town Hilton

You’re the best. People have not stopped raving about the music. And, as always, your personal touch was indispensable.
David & Tammy Friedman 1-02-11 Cipriani-Wall Street

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