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Aaron, Shavua Tov! I didn’t get a chance to tell you before you left how wonderful your band was. But, more importantly to me, the words of Chisuk you gave us before we walked down with Estie were priceless. They helped elevate my kavanah and truly set the mood for the entire wedding. I was flying from then on and the music just made it all perfect. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Nancy and Andy Neff  Roemer Synagogue-Teaneck New Jersey 12-11-14

Dear Aaron,

With out hearts pouring over with gratitude, we thank you for the amazing job you and your crew performed. Aaron! The way you went about bringing this Simcha to fruition will never be forgotten. Every piece of music was so Hartzik and beautiful. We listen to the CD and can’t stop crying. Thank you again for making this Simcha so so special and perfect. We can’t wait to share the next Simcha with you iy”h bekarov.
The Entire Brecher Bunch Ateres Avrohom 06-17-14

Thank you so much for everything! The music was out of this world and everyone is still talking about how powerful the chupa was and how lively the dance music was ….. just a fantastic job as always….
Elana & Kevin Lifshitz  Rye Town Hilton 11-9-14

Thank u so so much for yesterday! It was incredible. Everyone complimented us on how great the band was, and you made the wedding so awesome!
Tamar & Meir Bacharach  Neemas Hachaim 08-31-14

Hi Aaron,
I received the CDs today and I could not be more pleased. Thank you so much! What I listened to so far is simply amazing.
The music at our simcha was breathtaking & the sound system was impeccable. Thank you for your professionalism from beginning to end. It was truly a pleasure dealing with you, & I know that Zack & Rachel were very pleased.
Thanks again,
Israela & Stephen Perlitsh Beth El of Cedarhurst 08-24-2014

Wedding of the century!! What can I say? Everything was amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you
Larry Lerner Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation 08-17-14

Thank you again for the chasuna. You really put together a beautiful band for us. The music was amazing. Very batampt…leibidik and geshmak. You should be gebenched….
Shimi and Chumi Falik Lake Terrace 08-06-14

Thank you for a beautiful wedding this past Sunday. You gave us such simcha with the way you ran things and took care of us. It was so much fun and we can’t thank you enough.
Kol tuv, Chanan & Shoshana Liss Rockleigh Country Club 07-06-14

Just calling to say thank you, thank you, thank you. You were fabulous, and we have been getting wonderful feedback. Everyone is saying how beautiful the music was. You really came through and from our perspective it was fabulous. All the best to you, and it was a pleasure working with you. You will be getting glowing recommendations to anyone who asks, and some have already asked.
Thank you again.
Judy & David Carmel Rockleigh Country Club 07-06-14

Good morning. Lipa Schmeltzer last night was spectacular !!!! Many thanks for all of your help and continued friendship. Enjoy the rest of the summer !
Harry Bram Beaver Lake Estates, Monticellp, NY 07-5-14

What can i say? You blew us away again last night!! From the moment people came up the escalator to hear the string instruments through the chupah which made everyone cry to the nonstop dancing to your amazing dance sets, it was
just incredible. Most people can’t wait to get their photos from the wedding. I can’t wait to get the soundtrack!
Kol hakavod once again for allowing me to celebrate another wedding without a care in the world because you had everything so under control!
And my daughter Jessica said we “absolutely must” bring you to her wedding in Israel, b’ezrat Hashem b’karov! So, hopefully we will see you again very soon!!!
With my deepest appreciation,
Robbie & Helene Rothenberg Hilton Meadowlands 6-29-14

Hi Aaron,
I just wanted to thank you for everything. When you do a Simcha for us i feel as if you are doing it for a family member. The sound was perfection. The energy, the symphony, the orchestra was all perfection. The execution of the chupa was perfection. Ohad was amazing. The most moving and emotional part of the wedding was the chupa, and it was truly the music that made it spiritually uplifting for me.
So yasher kochacha and we should share many more simchas together.
Debbie & Motty Drillman 06-26-14 Ateres Avrohom

Hi. I want to thank you so much for your beautiful work you have done last night!!!! We enjoyed every minute . The band was fantastic.they played beautifully. We want to wish you the best!We will be happy to see you in Israel!!
Zevi and Rutie Bennet Eden Palace 06-24-14


Thanks so much for your significant role in making our Chasuna this past Monday nite so special. If I can sum it up, the following is the typical remark I have been hearing the last few days: “the Chasuna was beautiful — the band was amazing!”. The choir during the Chupa, the singing throughout the Chasuna, and the performance of your legendary musicians all helped create a ruach and energy that was literally indescribable.

Thanks again,
Barry Gross
Ateres Avrohom 06-23-14

Ezzy and I just wanted to thank you for the most amazing music ever at our wedding!!! People are still coming up to us and complimenting how our wedding had the best music of any wedding they’ve been to. The simcha in the room was palpable! Thank you again so much for everything.

Shaindy & Ezzy Wolf
Treetop Ballroom-Miami Florida 06-10-14

Hi Israel!

I want to thank you again for such a beautiful wedding!!! The music was beyond amazing! Every song I was listening to when I was standing outside waiting for my turn to walk down the aisle, made me want to cry! The music was so beautifully played, it touched my heart and made me feel such happiness. Everybody kept telling me how the music and the band were so good! Not only the choices of the songs, but the singers and the way the played it! I am so so greatful and I am so so happy I chose you and your band to be part of the most amazing day of my life! And you made everything so pleasant and easy! Talking to you and dealing with the music selection was a very nice process and not stressful at all! You were so patient and nice and I very much appreciate that!
I wish you and all the band the best of lucks and I hope very much to see you again in the next Simcha of my family!!
Thank you again!
Best, Sho & Joe Friedman 05-18-14 Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Dear Joe, Aaron and the entire orchestra,

On behalf of our entire family and the mechutonim I want to express our tremendous appreciation for making Tali and Yehuda’s wedding so extraordinary. From the first notes of the string quartet greeting our guests to the final strains of Yerushalayim the music enhanced, uplifted and transported the entire evening.

It’s noteworthy to mention that our professional colleagues who are not observant or Jewish all made mention of the fabulous orchestra and wonderful  music throughout the evening.

Mr. Shlomi Daskal’s deeply emotional and gorgeous voice truly imbued the chuppah with the dignity and kavana we had hoped for. As for the dinner music- everyone ages 4-94 was up and on the dance floor, what more could you ask for! Thank you for making this an unforgettable simcha with music that was memorable and magnificent. Your professionalism, responsiveness and talent were an amazing combination.

May we be zocheh to celebrate simchas b’Yerushalayim soon and in our days!

Lisa and Yaron Reich 03-18-14 Marina Del Rey

Hi Aaron,

Just wanted to call and tell you how AMAZING AMAZING the band was. We greatly appreciate it. We know you put in your heart and your soul into the Simcha and it shows. Everybody enjoyed themselves and were besimcha and it was all because of you and your crew, and we truly thank you. We look forward to sharing in many many simchas together.

Have a wonderful yuntif. Thank you again.

Aryeh & Goldie Platschek 03-30-14 Ateres Avrohom


I’m crying listening to the CDs of the wedding! I didn’t get to hear it live, but wow! It’s so beautiful! Oh Thank u so so much for sending the CDs . I also can’t stop watching the you tube videos of the music. Can’t believe how beautiful it was! Thank you for taping i You’re really quite the talent Hashem should continue giving you strength to make people happy with you’re melodious music.

David & Lea Brecher 03-2-14 Rockleigh Country Club


Thank you so much for sending us the CDS from Estie and Evan’s wedding. We just finished listening to them and can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoyed them. We really felt like we were back at our our Simcha. You and your band are AMAZING!!! In almost every phone call and email I received every person commented on how terrific the band was. We are so glad we listened to Chaim Wietschner.

Looking forward to seeing you before but at many more Hirt smachot.

Have a happy Purim,

Pam and Ari Hirt 02-16-14 Marina Del Rey


Just wanted to say thank you again for your part in the wedding, it could not have gone better! We are still reminiscing about how amazing the music was! Daniella and I drove to the city last night, and we listened to the chupah cd the entire way there and I have to tell you. It was an amazing experience for the two of us, words wouldn’t be able to describe it. I really have to say thank you again to you, Yisroel, and all the musicians. Ohad sang Asher Bara amazingly. If you have the video for yesimcha, I highly recommend you post that also. I can’t believe how amazing it sounded.People that werent at the wedding will be in awe when they hear it. We just wanted to let you know that Daniella and I were really so happy with the music the entire time 🙂

G-d willing many more smachot together!

Daniella & Steve Feldman 03-02-14 Rockleigh Country Club

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