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Aaron, We are getting flooded with phone calls, texts, and emails telling us how beautiful the wedding was.The  Stieglitzes tell us the same is true for them. People are really very excited. And EVERYBODY is talking about the music and especially the musical selections for the Chuppah and their execution, as well as the LEIBIDIK music. Thank you Aaron for making this simcha so unique, so memorable, and such a special chapter in the Muschel family’s legacy. Yoni and I had such a great time working with you these last months. It was such a great experience for us.  We learned so much, we had so much fun with you, there were so many funny moments, and with your patience, your execution, and your partnership with Yisroel Lamm, we were able to take our dreams and transform them into a spectacular musical experience at the wedding. We’ll be friends for years to come. Again Thanks so much for everything ! Mazel Tov!

Dr.Michael & Liz Muschel 12-23-15 The Venetian Catering-Garfield New Jersey

I just wanted to say thank you again for the great job you and the band did and Shimon Craimer. As I mentioned to you many kudos and compliments from friends and family and even my non Jewish colleagues. And yes, I appreciated the Berishit Olam from Shlomi Shabbat song as well.
Kenny & Marci Cappell 11-22 -15 The Grove-cedar grove New Jersey


What can I say… You did the most beautiful job. My wife and I are so so happy. Everything was really perfect. Most of all you are the sweetest man and a true pleasure to work with. Daskal rocked-Loved him. And what a great person he is, really enjoyed getting to know him.
You’re the best, Ariel Rosenberg 11-22-15 Marina Del Rey


Perfect perfect perfect. Could not have been nicer. You’re a real pleasure to work with. You should just continue making people happy.
Best regards,
Sholom Blatt 10-28-15 Ateres Avrohom

Hi Aaron!

Chaim and I both want to thank you so so much for making our wedding so spectacular!! The music was just so unbelievable and yumi lowy was so amazing!!! we couldn’t of asked for anything more! Everyone loved the music and we are just so happy that we had you at our wedding!!! Thank you for a magical night !

Elyssa & Chaim Frenkel 08-23-15 Crest Hollow Country Club

There are truly no words to describe the gratitude that Jordan, myself, and our families feel for you and your entire staff. The music was perfection. From start to finish everything was perfectly done and for that we will always be grateful. Throughout the entire wedding guests were coming over to me and Jordan telling us how beautiful the chuppah was, amazed how each song was perfectly compiled and sounded just like its original version. Yumi lowy did not dissapoint and made the simcha set so upbeat and fun and the DJ topped the night off making our wedding the most amazing night of our lives. Thank you for all of your hard work, time, effort, it was clearly visible last night and we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts! Looking forward to sharing in many more simchas together!
Gabriella and Jordan and the entire Spivak and Slotnick families!!
8-20-15 Old Westbury Hebrew Cong.

Dear Aaron,
I had committed to myself to send out a few thank you’s before Shabbos and you were at the top of the list, but then I just got home and got a box of CDs from you and I really have to thank you even more now !!
The music at the wedding was just amazing. Every song a symphony. Everywhere I went that night there was beautiful music in the background. The night just spun by for me but some friends have sent me video and I get to relive it and to really listen to and appreciate the music even more. That is why I CAN’T WAIT to listen to the CD’s.
From the first day that you came to our home, I just felt like you would be a special part of our simcha. Thank you for everything you did at the wedding above and beyond the music. We very much appreciated your involvement and concern about every aspect of the night. It is clear that you really understand how important an event a wedding is and how meaningful it is to the families and your music brings magic to the
simcha. Thank you so much for everything.
All the best and good Shabbos,
Robin Goldman Reich 08-02-15 Oheka Castle

Where do I begin? I don’t think I will ever be able to say “thank you” enough times for Sunday night. People have been telling me this was one of the most beautiful weddings they have been at and so much of that is thanks to you and the band. The chuppah, from start to finish, was as perfect as anyone could have asked for. The music sounded great, Jeff was phenomenal – I don’t think I will ever forget even the smallest second of that moment. Perhaps even more importantly than the music, I was very moved by the way you managed the whole wedding. The night ran smoothly because of your effective management. I hope I can convince every single one of my single friends to go down the Aaron Teitelbaum route when they get married – as far as I am concerned, it is the only way to go. Thank you SO much again, from the bottom of my heart. You took our simcha to the next level. Please pass along a heartfelt thank you to Yisroel as well. I hope to see you soon. Let’s be in touch!!
Joey & Alyssa Kolatch 08-2-15 Oheka Castle

Did not think it was possible but I believe you outdid yourself from last simcha, Many thanks for the many talents brought to the evening – the non-musical as well. You are hands down the Kolatch family’s favorite vendor.
Looking forward to sharing future smachot together.
Wishing you and your family all the very best,
Mindy Kolatch 08-02-15 Oheka Castle

Aaron ,
Now that Sheva Brachot are over I finally can sit down and show my hakarat hatov to the brilliant master who truly made the difference in orchestrating our music for our chatunah celebration.
Aaron – I don’t know how you did it . Paul and I don’t even know why you did it. From the very beginning where we picked up the phone you undertook probably the hardest gig of your career. Difficult destination wedding in Santa Barbara no less , orchestrating 2 entirely different bands and making the transition from one to another appear seamless ,the difficulties of sound system and electrical power in a private home a top a mountain- Those were the easy variables that you painstakingly overcame. YOU NEVER WAIVERED , you never said I can’t do it , you never gave up and you orchestrated an evening of fairy tail magical proportions such as was never seen EVER dare I say in both the Jewish and non-Jewish world.
I cannot imagine the exhaustion mental and physical for the understanding that you carefully wove together on our behalf. You were time and time again challenged and yet you always persevered and insisted ( rightly so ) on what needed to be done. Our guests were treated to an experience -One of great love , camaraderie, Jewish values and feelings that permeated the air. There was a brotherhood of love with people swaying on the dance floor before the chatan and kallah entered . People had chills running down their arms despite the warm temperature during the chupah and the silence that is normally unheard of at s Jewish wedding just added to the excitement. You helped create magic. True magic of a proportion that no one has ever seen. It was like a fairy tail – perfect in every detail , Perfect in its execution and too perfect to describe into common words. My guests and may I humbly say people in the tri-state area are all talking about this wedding. People are hearing snippets of what is was like , the music , the ascetics with adjectives that are never associated with a Jewish wedding. Was unlike anything anyone had experienced. It had Jewish taam but so much more …..You exceeded beyond our expectations and those were very high. HKB”h gave you a tremendous gift and I mean much more than talent and good business sense – he gave you a heart and a kind loving soul – what a bracha for us to have to deal with a mench like yourself, who helped make this a yiddishe and most magnificent wedding.

With enormous gratitude , humility and love for you – we will never forget what you did for us ,
Always, Esther and Paul Lerer 06-28-15 Montecito, Santa Barbara California

Hi Aaron,

Just wanted to thank you again for making our simcha so amazing and unforgettable! The music was incredible and it really just made the wedding! You run a great show we can’t thank you enough.
Shabbat shalom!
Ruth and Perry Zahner 07-02-15 Old Westbury Hebrew Cong.

Good morning Aaron,
It does not seem possible that 2 small words like ” thank you” are able to convey our true feelings.
What can I say- you guys really out did yourselves! All our crazy requests – you made happen! May we continue to make simchos together!
Miriam & Judah Perlstein 07-1-15 Hilton Meadowlands

Dear Aaron,
Wow is all we can say! You truly made our simcha in ways that are indescribable. In our opinion, what makes a wedding is not the flowers, not the food, not the fancy clothing etc. It’s the music. People are still calling us to tell us how special the music was at our wedding and how it was unlike any other music they’ve heard!
It was really a pleasure working with you and you made the whole wedding run so smoothly. We appreciate you taking the time to come meet with us before the wedding and ensuring that we would have the chuppah we’ve always dreamed of.
We owe you a tremendous hakaras hatov and we will spread your name wherever we go! We want to give you a bracha that you should just have all the mazal and hatzlacha in everything that you do and we look forward to seeing you at many more smachot in the future.
Eli & Lisi Sipzner 06-14-15 Rye Town Hilton

Hi Aaron,
Just listened to Ohad and your band. He was beautiful. I was so busy with Sheva berachos that now is the first chance I have to thank you for the beautiful job you did for me at the wedding. The chuppah was phenomenal.
All my friends and family keep calling and telling me how they started crying.
All the best. Many many thank you’s
Your a special person,
Suzi & Dov Klein 06-01-15 Rockleigh Country Club


That was the best!! It exceeded our expectations. Your guys were amazing. Don’t hesitate to use me as a reference in the future.
Larry & Teena Lerner 05-31-15 Pearl River Hilton

Hi Aaron,

Now that the craziness from the wedding has started to die down and I have begun to settle back into real life, I just wanted to reach out and thank you again. It was such a pleasure to work with you, and your efficient and agreeable manner made planning the music not only easy but enjoyable. We can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you put in, both the actual night of the wedding, but also in the many exchanged emails and calls beforehand. Noah and I had the most amazing night and that was largely due to the unbelievable music that made the whole event so lively and leibadik. Please feel free to give anyone my number if they’re considering using you and need someone to sell them; it would be my pleasure. Please also send our thanks to Mr. Lamm, who did an unbelievable job with everything. Noah hasn’t stopped listening to his version of Stay or Leave! Thanks again for being part of our Simcha, and Chag Sameach to your family!
All best, Tali&Noah Kolatch 05-10-15 Cipriani-Wall Street

Dear Aaron,
Good morning. Just saying thank you doesn’t seem enough. But thank you!! you made our dream come true. And people kept coming up and asking who the singers were in the chupah. That chupah will go down in history. I hope it ends up on you tube. Love your friend. And I mean that. Talk to u soon.
Mike & Elaine Grossman 05-17-15 Beth El Of Cedarhurst

Dear Aaron,

We have been remiss in not emailing you sooner to tell you what an exceptional job you did for Our wedding. We guess the delay was in thinking of a proper email to send you to describe our emotions and feelings throughout the entire wedding process.

It is with tremendous gratitude and sincere appreciation that we write you this note to thank you for “making our simcha” complete. The pure pristine music that you produced solely for our wedding are surpassed only by the genuine love and desire to be “mesameach” us, our parents and guests.

We have never attended a chuppah where there was not one sound .. No one speaking .. No cell phones .. No interruptions of any kind … Yet the sheer melodic beauty of music compelled the extremely large group of guests to listen attentively. Your very personal dedication for us was riveting! The songs that you put together were both energizing and truly inspirational! your words right before we brought to the Chuppa were beautiful and enhanced the meaning beyond words at our extremely beautiful Chupah. May all Yiddens’ Tefillos be B’Ezras Hashem Niskabel.

On behalf of our entire family, We want to express our tremendous appreciation for making our wedding so extraordinary. From the first notes of the string quartet greeting our guests to the final strains of Yerushalayim and the incredible Mitzvah Tantz, the music enhanced, uplifted and transported the entire evening.

Thank you for making this an unforgettable simcha with music that was memorable and magnificent. Your professionalism, responsiveness and talent are an amazing combination. We have received calls, letters, and emails all expressing this very same sentiment.

We were so very thrilled and your music enabled us to attain a truly high level of simcha in our hearts. Thank you for sharing, giving of yourself from the depth of your heart and soul.

When you did this Simcha for us, it felt as if you are doing it for a family member. Everything was perfection. The sound was perfection. The energy, the orchestra was all perfection. From the moment people came up the escalator to hear the string instruments, to the Chosson’s Tisch with the choir and one man band and Bedekin, and through the chupah which made everyone cry (yes even Andre Reichmen assistant we have been told) to the nonstop dancing in your amazing dance sets, it was just incredible. Most people can’t wait to get their photos from the wedding. We can’t wait to get the soundtracks and CD’S! The music was out of this world and everyone is still talking about how powerful and tear dropping the chupa was and how lively the dance music was.

Aaron, The way you went about bringing this Simcha on so many levels outside of the music part to fruition will never be forgotten. Every piece of the wedding was so incredible and beautiful and it’s due to you. Thank you again for making this Simcha so so special and perfect. We can’t wait to share in many more Simcha with you iy”h bekarov.

You really out did yourself! An Aaron Teitelbaum production takes the wedding to different level. The work and preparation you put into the simcha could be seen from the first moment the music started playing till the last dance of the at the beautiful mitzvah tantz, what a special evening Baruch Hashem, and your dedication and love for us is what we will remember forever.

From the first minute we spoke to you on the phone We Knew we were in good hands. The music advice you gave us, the combination of Shlomie Daskal, Yumi Lowy, and the Yedidim Choir was unbelievable beyond words. People are still talking about how fabulous the music was. It was beyond great. The hours we spent with you going over the song list was inspiring, and as we got to know you even more as a individual, we understand your “gadlus” and really appreciated you more. You went out of your way for us. “Lefnim meshuras hadin”. At the wedding, you were more than just a producer, you guided us, helped us, and for that we can never truly repay you

There really are no words that can adequately convey
The true essence of our message but We hope that in some small way we have communicated how truly grateful and appreciative we are for all that you did.

May Hashem bless you with continued good health and happiness so that you may continue to do this most noble mission! May Hashem give you the Bracha to Continue being matzliach in your wonderful work and making people as happy and ecstatic as we felt during our chasunah.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and please know our home is always open to you and your family.

May we always share in Simchas

Shlomo & Raacheli Fried | 03.08.15 Hilton meadowlands

I’m getting raving compliments about the chupah and music at the chasuna.
Amazing job. Even Gentiles told me they cried at the chupa and were flabbergasted with the band
Looking forward to many more simchos together.
Thank you and have a great Shabbas.
Moshe & Arielle Wolfson | 03-11-15 Terrace On The Park

Dear Reb Aharon;
Roz and I want to commend and thank you for elevating our beloved daughter Raacheli and her Chatan’s magnificent Chatuna to a whole new level of ruchniut and pure joy!
Chazak Ubaruch—
Rabbi Abe Cooper
Come see us in Los Angeles
Or better yet let’s meet at rav Chaim Cheshin’s shabat minyan at the Kotel
Rabbi Abraham & Roz Cooper| 03-08-15 Hilton Meadowlands

Dear Aaron,
I have been remiss in not contacting you sooner to tell you what an exceptional job you did t Michael and Talia’s wedding. It was a magical evening and truthfully I didn’t notice much beyond how everyone was on the dance floor all night, but our friends and family have all told us how incredible the music was.
That is until Friday when your Cds came! Oh my goodness, I was dancing in my kitchen all day as I listened to the music while making Shabbos. It was wonderful and I thank you so much for sending them.
You were so professional and kept things moving and it was really a seamless evening. Thanks alo for the music you left for us after the wedding. Please let Yumi know that he was wonderful as well.
We can’t thank you enough and look forward to making our next wedding, imyirtze Hashem, so that we can call you again!
Best regards, Helene and Ellis Abramson | 2-22-15 The Grove – Cedar Grove, NJ

Hi- i just wanted to thank you again for helping to make talia & michaels wedding such a big success. The music was perfect, it set the tone for the whole night. Yumi did a fantastic job! He has a beautiful voice & great energy. You were a pleasure to work with
Yasher Koach,
Deena & Dr. Jonathan Thurm | 2-22-15 The Grove – Cedar Grove, NJ

Hi Aaron,
Hope all is well. Ari and I never got a proper chance to thank you for everything. Everything on Sunday was absolutely amazing and it’s really all thanks to you. From the strings, to the badekin, to the gorgeous chuppah and the amazing dancing- we can’t thank you enough. We are still getting so many compliments about how beautiful and leibadik the music was on Sunday. Thank you so much for making the wedding as beautiful as it was and for making our dreams come true.
Thanks again for everything!!
Rivky & Ari Horn | 2-15-15 Hilton Meadowlands

Good evening Aaron,

Last night (at Yehuda Werner’s wedding) was the first time I ever heard your band, and to say the least I have never heard anything like that for sure in Toronto, and as well by the many weddings I have been by in the tri-state area as well. I see it takes great “chochma” to put together such an orchestra etc… It was really enjoyable and Thank you.
Thank you, S. Brodsky |  2-3-15 TERRACE-TORONTO, ONTARIO

I want to thank you for doing a beautiful job at our daughter’s wedding. The music was fabulous without being too loud. I’m still getting calls about how nice the music was!
Thanks, Dovy & Devory Freund | 1-26-15 Ateres Avrohom

Dear Aaron
Thank you for increasing and making our simcha!! We are so happy with you and your work!
Yaakov and Talia Borenstein | 1-5-15 Venetion Catering

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