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Thanks again for your marvelous performance at elisheva and oli’s wedding As I mentioned, the music was excellent. Moreover, as everyone always says, in addition to your musical coordination, your enthusiastic embrace of the whole simcha is wonderful. It is truly an inspiration to see you so joyous and engaged as you do your job night after night. Wishing you continued hatzlacha,

Jay & Basya Lobell 12-30-13 Rye Town Hilton

Aaron – my wife and I would like to thank you and Mr. Lamm and the entire orchestra for a spectacular performance. Please extend a personal thank you to Yumi Lowy for his performance at the Wedding and particularly his singing at the Chuppah.
Job Well Done.
Jonathan Gross 12-29-13 Rockleigh Country Club

Dear Aaron,
Karen and I cannot express enough thanks to you and your crew on the awesome job you did with music at Adina and Jacob’s wedding. We are forever grateful to the TLC and detail you emphasized in addition to dealing with us in a very caring manner. You more than deserve your great reputation. We look forward to seeing you at many smachot in the future and continuing our relationship.
Best, Marvin Sperling 12-24-13 Rockleigh Country Club

Hi Aaron,
I just wanted to tell you again, a huge huge thank you. For making the simcha so incredibly magical. The music was absolutely extraordinary. Every single is person, and believe me the phone has been ringing off the hook, with non stop complements. All about how amazing the music was. You felt the pulse of the crowd and went with it. Thanks again to you and Yisroel Lamm. Hopefully we will continue to make simchas and be able to use you again. Only good things.
Trudy & Stanley Stern 12-15-13 Cipriani-Wall Street

Thank you very much for everything!! The band was insanely good last night the wedding was super lebedig ! Couldn’t have done it without you!
Shlomo & Jennifer Shenker 12-15-13 Hilton Meadowlands

You really outdid yourself! An Aaron Teitelbaum production takes the wedding to different level Every friend that was there called me today said your music was the best they ever heard!
Mark Weinberger 12-8-13 Ateres Avrohom

Hi Aaron,
Erica and I are trying to make long car trips just so we can continue listening to our wedding cd. It is truly fantastic! Thank you for playing a pivotal role in making our wedding a dream come true. Shimon and the band were outstanding. Please keep Erica and I in mind if someone asks for a reference.
Thank YOU Aaron!
Best, Erica and Tzvi Solomon 10-27-13 The Grove

Myself & debbie wanted to share with you how we are so happy as how everything turned out the chupa was magical and had the perfect combination of class and kedusha that you can feel resonated during the entire time it was taking place. The wedding dancing was filled with energy that I have never felt or sensed before. The work and preparation you put into the simcha could be seen from the first moment the music started playing till the last dance of the chosson and kallah, at the heilger mitzvah tantz what a special evening bh and your dedication and love for us is what we will remember forever. Continue being matzliach in your wonderful work and making people as happy and ecstatic we felt during the chasuna of Yitzchak and Pessie.
We love you!
With great hakaros hatov,
Mottie & Debbie Drillman 11-17-13 Atrium Plaza

Thank you for enhancing our wedding so much and for being so patient and such a pleasure to deal with, you truly are the best in the business!!
Shimon and Rachel Melool 11-14 13 Ateres Chynka
Dear Aaron,
Just wanted to thank u again for an unbelievable job and all the help…all i keep hearing from everyone was that the chupa and the music were out of this world…b”h… Thanks so much.
Tuli & Chani Abramczyk 10-14-13 Ateres Avrohom

Dear Aaron,
We would just like to thank you for a job well done above and beyond. You really made our simcha very special, we got endless compliments. May hashem bentch you with much continued success being mesamech chassan and kalla.
Nachum & Miriam Lopiansky 10-2-13 Atrium- Monsey, NY

Hi Aaron,
I must thank you for enabling Yumi to sing Lehinasei Halayla so beautifully. It’s been almost a month since Samara and Abie’s wedding and people are still talking about the song. When I found the song and sent it to you, I thought it was beautiful but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that there would be such an incredible response to the song. I heard that it was played on JM in the AM as well. Even the non Jewish guests at our wedding, who didn’t understand a word of Hebrew, were touched by the music and Yumi’s singing. Thank you for sharing this beautiful song with everyone.
Shana Tova. Gemar Chatimah Tova.
Tammy & Kenny Schaum 08-18-13 Terrace On The Park

We can’t begin to thank you enough for everything! Making two weddings eight weeks apart this summer could have been a challenge, but you made it all so easy. We had two very different couples and crowds to cater to and you made it work effortlessly. The chuppahs were both so beautiful and the music during dancing was outrageous. Both couples were so happy and we are thrilled From our first meeting with you we knew we would be in good hands, both by your professionalism and your warmth. You led us through the weddings from the tish to Sheva brachas and helped make each moment important. We will forever remember your kind words, we listen to the CDS and are transported back in time and we consider you a friend. of the family. May Hashem grant you the strength to continue bringing so much joy to other chassan and kallahs and their families ad meah vasrim shana and you should only know from simchas in your family.
Jani & Arthur Cooperberg 08-18-13 Terrace On The Park

Hi Aaron!
I just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work you put in to our wedding. I know we are very particular in our tastes but every single part of the wedding beautiful. The music was just phenomenal and so much better than what we imagined! Thank you so so much!!
Juda & Lili Rosenberg 08-22-13 Mandarin Hotel

Dear Aaron,
Just want to thank you again for everything. I truly thought the band was amazing in all 3 phases of the night and inspired the crowd to dance their hearts out. More importantly, how calming and comforting you were while we searched for the candles before I walked down the aisle…the sign of a true professional. You handled a stressful situation so well and can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.
Dr. Jonathan & Anna Cohen 08-25-13 Old Westbury Hebrew Cong.

Dear Aaron,
Ain anachnu maspikim lhodos–Chasdei Hashem-from start to finish the guys were excellent-chossons tisch bedeken chupah dancing-everything exactly as planned-love the CDs – get to relive the wedding every day Thank you thank you – Continue bringing simcha to so many in good health ad mesh vesrim.
Kisiva vchasima tova
Schreier/Schnitzer 07-25-13 The Rockleigh Country Club

We just wanted to thank you for the incredible music at Tova and Adam’s wedding last night. The chossen’s tish, the badeken, the chuppa and the dancing were so memorable primarily because of your ruach, enthusiasm and professionalism. Shimon Craimer was unbelievable. People have been calling and e-mailing us all day. I know a few people who will be calling you over the next year. Thank you also for allowing our son Akiva to sing at the chuppa on such short notice. We have been humming the intro “I’m coming to Boston” all day. We can’t wait for the video to see and hear everything that we missed.
Thank you again. Ktiva VaChatima Tova
Jerry & Beth Schiff 8-4-13 Rye Town Hilton

Dear Aaron,
We received the amazing cd’s of the wedding. How do we begin to thank you? From the first minute I spoke to you on the phone I knew we were in good hands. The music advice you gave us, the combination of Daskal and the Choir was unbelievable beyond words. People are still talking about how fabulous the music was. It was beyond great. The 5 hours I spent with you going over the song list was so much fun and as I got to know you as a person I understand your “gadlus” and really appreciate you as a person. You went out of your way for us. “Lefnim meshuras hadin”. At the wedding, you were more than just a producer, you guided us, helped us, and you were like a brother to me.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and please know our home is always open to you and your family.
Best, Alain and Lea Schiff 06-18-13 Rockleigh Country Club

Hi Aaron,
Just wanted to say thank you so so much. Everything worked out perfectly. We got and continue to get soo many compliments on the music. Everyone commented how they were able to talk to one another during the dinner. The sound was great wtih baba. The beatles medley was fantastic. People enjoyed hearing something they don’t usually get treated to. I appreciate your attention to detail and the great musicians that you have.
I look forward to iy”h doing this more often. I have 2 more boys…
Thank you very much.
Chazan Joel Kaplan 06-12-13 Atrium – Monsey NY

Thanks again for everything at the wedding. The music was spectacular.We have gotten so many compliments. We can’t wait to listen to the music again!
Avi & Raquela Adelsberg 06-16-13 Waldorf Astoria

I have been wanting to spend a few minutes telling you that I have never heard a more beautiful ceremony. You were so creative and talented and fun to work with, and the results were gorgeous. And even our song came out great! Thank you for everything and Shabbat shalom.
Giti & Jack Bendheim 06-9-13 The Gotham Hall NYC

Thank you for the amazing atmosphere – romantic, majestic, celebratory, fun – you created with your music at last night’s wedding. Many guests approached me to tell me how impressed they were by the arrangement of the music for the Chuppah. An enchanted evening thanks to you.
Bravo! All the best,
Rachel & David Quint 6-9-2013 Gotham Hall – New York City

Hi Aaron,
We wanted to thank you for an amazing production at the wedding, especially the chuppah!!! The band really made our wedding outstanding. I can’t tell you how many people have come up to us and our parents to tell us how extraordinary the band was. Everyone in LA this Shabbat was dying to know which band we had, you were truly unbelievable from start to finish. There isn’t one thing I would have changed.
Thanks again,
Jennie & Joshua Small 5-28-13 The Hilton Stamford

Good morning Aaron,
My name is Tzvi Eli Lefkowitz a brother of the chosson (number 3). I just wanted to thank you for the unbelievable production that you arranged last night for my brothers wedding. You have no idea how many people came to me to compliment on the band and performance. My father can’t stop talking how amazing it was from the beginning till the end he wished it would have never ended. I just felt you should know that you made every person in that hall extremely happy!!!
Can’t wait for next wedding!!! Hope you will be there so I can thank you in person.
Thanks again,
Lefkowitz/Oelbaum 05-22-13 Lake Terrace-Lakewood NJ

Hi Mr. Teitelbaum,
On behalf of the Chosson & Kallah, my wife, and Mr. & Mrs Bram, I would like to thank you for doing a spectacular job. You, Shloimie, and the rest of the band did it exactly the way we hoped – Yiddish & leibedig! Fantastic! We cannot wait to IY”H hear the audio so we can truly appreciate it without being dizzy on the dance floor.
On a more personal note, my wife and I owe you two more thanks:
A. For your words right before we brought the Kallah to the Chuppa. May all Yiddens’ Tefillos be B’Ezras Hashem Niskabel.
B. For allowing our son to clear his throat a bit in front of the mike. We shepped some Nachas B’H.
May Hashem help you continue to be Mesameach.
Thank you again.
Dr.Mordchai Zonenshayn 04-28-13 Hilton Garden Inn-Staten Island, NY

Dear Aaron,
You’re the best & really can’t say enough how professional, courteous & on top of everything you were the music was superb.
Chananya & Chani Pomerentz 04-9-13 Lake Terrace

Dear Aaron,
You helped make our simcha fantastic!!
Thanks so much for everything,
Mandy & Dr. Rubin Brecher 04-07-13 Rye Town Hilton

Dear Aaron,
I just really wanted to thank you for everything. The music was really really perfect! It was so great! The music the band the chuppa the intro. It was unreal. Skoyach a million times!
Evan & Ariella Seltzer 03-10-13 Doubletree- Tarrytown, NY

Dear Aaron and Orchestra,
It was a complete joy working with you and having your musicians play at Danielle and Joe’s wedding last week. We were so pleased by your performance and our simcha was truly enhanced by your music. Yumi did an outstanding performance with “Tefillat Ha’av”, and Yisroel lamm was a true professional throughout the planning stages and at the wedding. We continue to receive so many compliments that we just want to say Yasher Koach on a great job!
We look forward to sharing many smachot together.
Faye & Doron Cohen 01-06-13 Rockleigh Country Club

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